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Statement from the UDC RE Project Management Department

The Urban Development Corporation (UDC) has today effected the redundancy of 16 positions, affecting 16 persons in its Project Management Department.

This comes as a result of the on-going restructuring of the corporation to return to its core function of preparing and implementing development plans and recommendations emanating from the Management Audit being conducted by Price Waterhouse Coopers.

It has been identified that the department will need to be re-engineered to meet the new demands and, as was discussed with the project management staff on September 9, the opportunity exits for them to apply for the new positions. A decision had also been taken at that time to effect separation in November. However, in the current global recessionary climate, the situation has become urgent and the Corporation has brought forward the separation date to coincide with the end of this month and so facilitate a smoother transition.

The UDC has complied with all the requirements of the Employment, Termination and Redundancy Act of 1974 and all employee benefits and entitlements will be paid.