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What are the UDC’s corporate office opening hours?

Our hours of operations are 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday to Friday (except Public Holidays).

How do I go about leasing commercial space from the UDC?

You may visit our Customer Service page to download and complete the application form for commercial lease. Otherwise, you may wish to contact our Sales Team at 876-656-8031, 876-5501990 or for information.

Who do I contact if I am interested in renting space to host an event on the Kingston waterfront?

You may contact our Sales Team at 876-656-8031, 876-5501990 or for information.

I am interested in the investment opportunities available at the UDC. Who do I speak with about this?

You may speak with a representative from the Business Development Unit by calling 876-656-8031 or emailing

Is Winnifred Beach open to the general public at this time?

No, the facility is closed to the public until further advised. There are, however, proposed improvement works to be undertaken shortly by the Tourism Enhancement Fund (TEF) at Winnifred Beach to enhance the enjoyment for residents of Portland and the wider country.

Is Fort Clarence Beach still being managed by the UDC?

The management function of the beach was divested to Guardsman Hospitality Group who is currently responsible for the daily operation of the facility. The facility is however still owned by the UDC. You may contact their Business Development Manager at 876-997-3612 or for further information regarding the facility.

Is Two Sisters Cave open to the public?

No, the facility is currently closed.

What is the entry cost for Dunn’s River Falls & Park?

The entry fee for Dunn’s River Falls & Park is US$25 for adults and US $17 for children. Jamaicans can access the facility at a discounted rate of J$1000 for adults and J$500 for children upon presentation of a valid national ID. Accepted forms of ID are Driver’s License, Voter’s ID and Passport.

Is it mandatory for me to show my ID to prove my nationality in order to enter Dunn’s River Falls?

Yes, patrons must present their identification upon entry in order to benefit from the discounted rate.

Does Dunn’s River Falls & Park provides ground transportation from the cruise ship pier to the attraction?

We do not provide transportation. However, there are tour operators who are uniformed with identification badges at the port that will be able to assist with transportation from the cruise ship pier to the attraction. You may also contact Jamaica Tours at (876) 953-3700 or JUTA Tours at (876) 952-0813 upon arrival and they will assist with providing transportation at a cost.

Do I or any member of my family have to be of a particular height in order to climb the falls?

Yes, patrons are required to meet the height requirement of 36 inches (i.e. 3 feet) in order to climb the falls.

Do I have to wear water shoes in order to climb Dunn’s River Falls?

Yes, we strongly recommend that patrons wear water shoes when climbing the falls.

How far is the Reach Falls from Kingston?

Reach Falls is located in Machioneal, Portland which is approximately ninety nine (99) kilometres from Kingston.

What is the entrance cost to Reach Falls?

The entrance cost to Reach Falls is US$10.00 for adults and US$5.00 for children 4-12 years old. Jamaicans can access the facility at a discounted rate of J$500.00 for persons 13 years and older, and J$250.00 for children 4-12 years old.

Who do I can for group bookings for Reach Falls?

You may contact the Supervisor by calling 876-276-8663 or our Sales Team at 876-467-0969.

Can I drink the water at Dunns’ River Falls and Reach Falls?

We strongly advise that our clients do not attempt at any time to drink the water coming from the falls.

Do you facilitate online booking?

Online booking is facilitated for Dunn’s River Falls & Park only at this time. The UDC is however, currently working to offer this service for the other attractions.

What are the amenities available at Reach Falls?

There is complimentary parking and picnic area available at the facility.