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Northern Groynes Rehabilitation

Project Summary

The Northern Groynes Rehabilitation Project is an initiative of the Urban Development Corporation (UDC) to rehabilitate the Groynes at the Montego Bay Waterfront for shore line protection. This project is strategically aligned to the goals of National Development and also to the Regional and Local Framework for achieving Development that is Resilient to Climate Change. The project will repair, restore, reconfigure and enhance the ability of the existing groynes to withstand greater wave impact and improve the function and appearance of the structures. Further to this, the rehabilitation of the Northern Groynes will see the enhanced coastal resilience of the Montego Bay Waterfront, reduction in the negative impacts to the beach and infrastructure from wave action, and the provision of a habitat for marine life.


In the 1970s the Urban Development Corporation (UDC) was charged with the development of the Montego Bay Waterfront. The Corporation created three (3) adjoining beaches namely One-Man/Gun Point, Walter Fletcher and Dump-Up Beach (now Harmony Beach Park). The beaches are separated by groynes.

Groynes are man-made structures that are built from the shore into the sea and are exposed above the sea level to form a barrier to prevent sea waves and currents from eroding the shore by reducing the impact.

Project Timeline

Six (6) months. The project started November 24, 2021 and is scheduled to end on May 13, 2022.

Project Contractor and Administrator

M&M Construction Limited is the contractor for this project, while Smith Warner International Limited is its administrator.