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© 2020, Urban Development Corporation

Mission, Vision, Values

Our Vision

UDC will contribute significantly to making Jamaica a developed country with modern cities, where residents and visitors have easy access to resilient infrastructure, adequate green spaces, public beaches and sustainable eco attractions.

Our Mission

To enable Jamaica’s sustainable development by facilitating the economic, social and environmental development of urban areas while ensuring a viable Corporation.

Our Strategy

Our strategy is to add value to national growth and generate sustained income by developing land holdings and attractions so as to implement, facilitate and coordinate major projects identified in our plans.

Strategic Objectives

The UDC has four (4) strategic objectives, as follows:

  1. To assure the sustained financial viability of the Corporation by increasing our revenues at least 6.5% annually, while decreasing expenses by a minimum of 1% below prior year total expenses compared after accounting for inflation.
  2. To plan, implement, manage and facilitate sustainable projects that will contribute to $16 B in infrastructure investment to the Public Sector Investment Program annually.
  3. To enhance UDC’s brand equity and reputation by utilizing partners and focusing on responsive customer service to achieve a customer satisfaction index of 90% by 2021.
  4. To embrace evidence-based performance measurement in all core areas through set standards by accomplishing at minimum 90% of each target in our Divisional and Departmental objectives for each financial year.