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St. Ann Development Company





St. Ann Development Company Limited (SADCo) is a subsidiary of the Urban Development Corporation with the primarily responsibility of managing the operations and properties owned by the Corporation within the parish of St. Ann.

The major properties have been developed to engage in various aspects of tourism as well as entertainment related enterprise. SADCO is managed through its main office located in Ocho Rios, St. Ann.

Properties under the management of St. Ann Development Company (SADCo) include:

The World Famous Dunn’s River Falls & Park

Considered Jamaica’s main signature attraction, Dunn’s River Falls & Park offers a unique adventure experience by way of a challenging climb up a waterfall that cascades from over 600 ft. high and empties into the ocean. The attraction meets much of the criteria for an ecotourism attraction but is better described as a true example of sustainable tourism.

Pearly Beach

This beach is one of Jamaica’s and the Caribbean’s best beaches as opined by all major cruise lines, international and local events tour companies. The property is used mainly for private bookings, high-end parties and private tours.

Ocho Rios Bay Beach

The Ocho Rios Bay Beach is situated in the centre of Ocho Rios and is approximately 500m long and borders the Ocho Rios Bay. It is nestled by the Ocho Rios Pier on the western side, Fisherman’s Point, Turtle Beach Towers and Sandcastle Condominiums to the south and the Rooms and Moon Palace Jamaica Grande Hotels to the east.

Green Grotto Caves and Attraction

This attraction sits on approximately 25.9 hectares and is a natural attraction that boasts a series of caves with spectacular stalactite and stalagmite formations. Its location along with a phenomenal subterranean lake is part of the interesting, historic and educational tour offered at the attraction.

Turtle River Park

The development of Turtle River Park is one of the most noteworthy achievements of the UDC in St Ann. It is a public park constructed in 2004 as a gift to the people of St. Ann with beautiful Gardens, water features, children’s playground, restroom facilities and food and beverage facilities. A pond sits in the centre of the property which is home to different species of turtles, fishes and plants.

Roaring River & Malvern Park Estate

The Roaring River Estate is a property with over 1,100 acres of forestry, more than half of which is a major watershed with an impressive river system and a magnificent waterfall feature about 25 ft in height. This system, from which the estate got its name is known as the Roaring River. The North – South Highway now runs through this property, reducing the acreage owned by the Urban Development Corporation.

Laughing Waters

Laughing Waters is a 4-acre property designated as the Protocol House. It is located in the Mammee Bay area of the parish with the Roaring River running on either side of the villa and a waterfall that empties into the ocean on the western side. A private beach is also comprised within the property. With well-landscaped spaces and perfectly manicured lawns, it is the preferred location for any type of wedding and private high-end events.

Craft Markets

Three of the largest craft markets namely, Dunn’s River, Ocho Rios and Pineapple, are managed by the subsidiary. While the daily operations are the responsibility of the respective Craft Associations, the management team at SADCO drives the compliance with the regulations set by the Ministry of Tourism.