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Adult Non- Resident Rate at Dunn’s River Falls and Park Increased

Since October 1, 2011, entry fees have been increased for non- resident adults, visiting the world famous Dunn’s River Falls and Park in St. Ann. The rate has been increased from US$15.00 per person to US$20.00. However, the rate for non-resident children remains at US$12.

The rates for Dunn’s River Falls and Park were last revised in 2009, when the local rates for both adults and children were increased. This resulted in visitors under 12 years old paying J$300 and persons over 12 years paying J$600. This brought the local rates more in line with the overseas rates, which remained at US$12 and US$15 respectively. Dunn’s River Falls and Park continues to be extremely competitive when the rates are compared to basic entry fees being charged by other attractions.

Since 1998, the UDC has been engaged in major upgrading of the property with a view to ensuring parity with other world class attractions and enriching the Dunn’s River experience. Improvements have included the creation of a central garden and picnic areas, construction of ticket office and entry courtyard, bus and car park, administrative office, staff and nurse’s facilities.  A jetty and ticketing office was also constructed to facilitate arrivals by boat. Infrastructure upgrades including water, electrical and telephone distribution systems have also been carried out.

This has resulted in the Dunn’s River Falls and Park being presented with numerous awards. During 2009 and 2010, Dunn’s River Falls and Park was consecutively awarded the coveted title of “Leading Caribbean Tourist Excursion.” The award was presented by the World Travel Awards located in London. During 2004, the attraction was also voted by cruise officials as the most popular and exciting attraction in the Caribbean.

SADCO and the UDC remain committed to providing world class recreational facilities at rates affordable to all its visitors.