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UDC’S Tax Incentive Programme

(l-r) Lenworth Tracey, Deputy General Manager, Economic Development and Corporate Relations, Urban Development Corporation (UDC) engages in dialogue with Vinay Walia, Co-Managing Director and Neil Robinson, General Manger, Finance, both of the Guardsman Group. The occasion was a Downtown Kingston Network Exchange, hosted by the UDC on Thursday, July 5, in the Information Centre at UDC’s head office on the Kingston Waterfront. This event was the first in a series of five fora that will be held at the UDC to facilitate networking and encourage partnerships and the exchange of ideas among stakeholder groups. The Downtown Kingston Network Exchange featured presentations on the Tax Incentive Programme (TIP). The TIP aims to garner the support of the private sector in arresting urban decay by encouraging the redevelopment of property in blighted areas. The programme is managed by the UDC, on behalf of the Ministry of Finance and the Public Service. Corporate organizations such Guardsman Group, GraceKennedy Limited, NEM Insurance Company Ltd and Courts are beneficiaries of the TIP.