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UDC Launches Blog to Facilitate the Redevelopment of Downtown Kingston

Jamaicans and individuals from all over the world are now in a position to share their views on a re-development plan for downtown Kinston by visiting the Urban Development Corporation (UDC) website  and streamlining their ideas via a new blog launched on July 9, 2012. Individuals can also make their contribution to the discussion by visiting the UDC’s Facebook page

According to Lenworth Tracey, Deputy General Manager, Economic Development and Corporate Relations. “The blog page and social media mechanism enables individuals from all over the world to make a historic contribution to an on-going planning process. This is especially crucial given that Jamaica is celebrating its 50th year of independence and downtown Kingston is benefiting from a tremendous revival of interest in its real estate space and an unlimited potential for entertainment and  socio-economic development”.

Several private and public sector stakeholders, primarily property owners drawn from the downtown Kingston and surrounding areas, are currently attending the Downtown Kingston Network Exchange, a series of five meetings hosted by the UDC on a weekly basis at the Corporations head office on the Kingston Waterfront.

 The objective of these meetings is to facilitate networking and encourage partnerships and the exchange of ideas between members of the private and public sector. The consultation process will also be extended to other stakeholders before completion of the plan.

Approximately 150 stakeholders are being targeted for the Downtown Kingston Network Exchange and the plans to advance the development of the capital city will be amended after the dialogue with these stakeholders. The forum provides stakeholders with information on the plans for downtown Kingston and also gives them an opportunity to share their views on these plans. Participants are also educated on the Tax Incentive Programme which forms a critical part of the development planning process in the downtown Kingston area.

The redevelopment of downtown Kingston and Port Royal is aligned with the Vision 2030 Jamaica national development plan.