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UDC Board Directors Tour Key Areas in Downtown Kingston

The Board of Directors of the Urban Development Corporation (UDC) along with Her Worship the Mayor of Kingston Councillor Angela Brown Burke and other representatives of the Kingston and St. Andrew Corporation (KSAC) toured several sections of downtown Kingston on Tuesday, September 4 as part of the planning process for the area.

Led by chairman of the planning and development committee of the board, Reynold Scott, the team toured key sites including the Simon Bolivar Cultural Centre, Kingston Craft Market, Coronation Market, Rae Town and the Kingston Waterfront stretching from Harbour View to Ocean Boulevard .

According to Desmond Malcolm, UDC’s general manager, ‘the familiarization tour forms part of the orientation of board members to the current realities of the downtown Kingston area and will give them a chance to see first-hand the status of some of the projects. This will aid the decision making process at the Board level and add impetus to the completion of key projects’.

Recently, the Corporation met with several stakeholders as part of a Downtown Kingston Network Exchange where plans to advance the development of the capital city were discussed. A forum page was subsequently set up on the UDC’s website to canvass ideas which will inform the final design of the downtown Kingston redevelopment plan.

The forum also provided stakeholders with information on the plans for downtown Kingston and gave them an opportunity to share their views on these plans. The Downtown Kingston Network Exchange also featured presentations on the Tax Incentive Programme (TIP) for Urban Renewal.

The Urban Development Corporation is the nation's leading urban and rural planning agency and was established by an Act of Parliament in 1968. The mandate of the Corporation is to ensure that planned and orderly development takes place where and when it is needed within the context of national priorities.