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Statement – UDC Presentation to PAAC

The Urban Development Corporation continues to fulfil its role as the Government of Jamaica’s main urban and rural development agency despite global and national economic constraints.

For 2012 and beyond, the Corporation is working towards the completion of draft development plans for Kingston and Port Royal, Caymanas Estate, Ocho Rios, Montego Bay and Falmouth.

We are also ensuring our financial viability, through securing and growing our revenue at Dunn’s River Falls and Park through the construction of additional amenities for our customers. We will increase also net revenue at Dunn’s River by increasing efficiency of operation, increasing patronage, providing food stalls on location to earn additional revenue. There will however be no increases to the entry rates at this time.

We are also leveraging our balance sheet as a Corporation by converting assets into revenue streams and reducing our receivables by 50%.

All this is being pursued while we restructure the Corporation in line with its mission and mandate and complete ISO9001:2008 (quality management) certification.

As the nation’s foremost authority on urban planning, the Corporation is executing the following projects as part of its national mission:

  • Completion of the Simon Bolivar Cultural Centre; designed to enhance Kingston’s image as the cultural capital of Jamaica
  • Implementation of road works and infrastructure to support housing developments Caymanas Estate Development– 
  • Hellshire Sewage Treatment Plant Expansion – This expansion will facilitate the expansion of housing solutions in Hellshire
  • Improvement of infrastructure at the Catherine Hall Entertainment Complex and Aquasol Beach in Montego Bay
  • Improvement of the infrastructure, grounds and entry management systems at Dunn’s River Falls and Parks

Other major projects planned at the start of the financial year include: Downtown Kingston Housing pilot, and Kingston Market district projects (Chapel Lane Open Market, Jubilee Market, Red Rose Fish Market etc.).

While revenues are not forthcoming through a number of assets such as the Montego Bay Convention Centre and downtown Kingston Municipal Transport Centre efforts are being made to remedy the situation and maximise the potential of each investment.

We are in discussions with stakeholders in the tourism industry to shore up the marketing approach for the Montego Bay Convention Centre and to position it as the facility of choice for meetings and conventions. The downtown Kingston Municipal Transport Centre still has potential for revenue enhancement and dialogue will continue in this regards.