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Beauty Reigns at the SMG/Montego Bay Convention Centre

The 2013 edition of the longest running beauty contest in history of Jamaica, the Miss Jamaica World pageant, was hosted by the SMG/Montego Bay Convention Centre on Sunday, 22nd July 2013.

Jamaica’s most popular and versatile banqueting and conference venue having secured the right to stage this prestigious event; makes it the first time in the history of the competition that the Miss Jamaica World was held outside of Kingston.

“This is fantastic news for the city of Montego Bay,” says Dittie Guise, General Manager of SMG/Montego Bay Convention Centre.  

“Not only are we able to offer a world class venue that can compete with similar facilities anywhere in the world, we have the tourism infrastructure to support the staging of this large and significant event.

“I am confident that our venue has contributed to the successful staging of the 2013 Miss World pageant,” she says.

Upon the selection of the SMG/Montego Bay Convention Centre as the host venue, Laura Butler, Franchise holder of Miss Jamaica World, said she had been impressed by the centre’s offering.

"The speed with which they implemented their proposal and their professionalism demonstrated that the staging of the Miss Jamaica World 2013 was destined to be a success [in Montego Bay]," Butler told reporters.
The Jamaican beauties descended on the second city for four days and immediately engaged in intense rehearsals and pre-judging.

“The selection of the Montego Bay Convention Centre was further confirmation of its excellent reputation for staging international events,” said Butler.

“Montego Bay is a popular destination for entertainment and business functions and it will continue to be in demand as the winter season draws closer” say Guise.

The Miss Jamaica World pageant was broadcasted to a national TV audience which provided a major opportunity to showcase what the SMG/Montego Bay Convention Centre has to offer the business and corporate community.

Major events recently staged at the venue include the International Women’s Cornerstone Conference in May and the Jamaican Diaspora Conference in June.  

Forthcoming major events include the Chamber of Commerce Expo, Taste of Jamaica Culinary Competition, and the Jamaica Bridal Expo all are two-day events and open to the public.  

SMG/Montego Bay Convention Centre congratulates Gina Hargitay Miss Jamaica World 2013 .