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Closing Ceremony for the NEPA-UDC NPAS/SGI Project

Lorna Clarke(l), Director, Corporate Communication, Urban Development Corporation (UDC) presents Glaston White (r), with a Certificate of Participation, at a Closing Ceremony for the NEPA-UDC NPAS/SGI Project which was held at Fort Clarence in Hellshire St. Catherine on Wednesday, April 3, 2013. The certificate was presented as acknowledgement of his contribution to the completion of more than 600 surveys carried out in over 12 communities within Hellshire Hills and its environs. The surveys were carried out as part of a public education drive to determine awareness of Hellshire Hills and Goat Islands as a protected area. The National Environmental and Planning Agency (NEPA) facilitated the funding of the Small Grants Initiative (SGI) project through joint funding with the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), the Global Environment Facility (GEF) and Mitigating the impact of Invasive Alien Species in the Insular Caribbean Project.