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UDC General Manager Updates on Ocho Rios Fishing Village

The Urban Development Corporation (UDC) is moving ahead with plans for the upgrading of the Ocho Rios Fishermen’s Village with the aim of transforming it into a premier facility for entertainment and dining. The Corporation shared concept plans for the project in a consultation session with the fisherfolk and other stakeholders on November 8, 2013 at the Anglican Church Hall, St Ann at 10:00am.
In his presentation, Desmond Malcolm, UDC General Manager reiterated that the Fishing Village is an important part of the Ocho Rios experience and plans are focused on including the fisherfolk in the upgrading process and implementing a management control system that will maximize the potential of the facility. The upgrading project is scheduled for completion within 18 months starting in 2013.
Plans for the upgrading include Ocho Rios Fishing Village to be developed  in line with the overall vision for Ocho Rios as a world class tourist destination; safe, secure and aesthetically pleasing, with the fishing village being a critical part of the experience.
The plan also calls for the current users of the facility being regularised and a management framework facilitated. The plan also provides for approved restaurants becoming lessees and the creation of proper sanitary facilities.
The UDC will also upgrade the waterfront with consideration being given to possible swimming areas while retaining free public access, the erection of a proper security gate and the replacement of illegal and unsightly zinc structures on the boundaries of the property.
The Urban Development Corporation has been working in Ocho Rios since the 1960’s and has helped to transform Ocho Rios from a sleepy fishing village into the bustling town that you are now experiencing today.
The planned makeover of Ocho Rios revolves around transforming the resort town, by enriching and highlighting the rustic charm and rich cultural heritage of the area, while also offering convenient access to shops, authentic cuisine, music and entertainment along with other amenities that will leave all our visitors, from home and abroad with unforgettable and treasured memories and the residents of the town with a sense of pride.
The UDC is celebrating 45 years of making development happen as government’s principal urban and rural development agency since 1968.