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Urban Development Corporation Updates on Belmont Cove

(known as Little Dunn’s River)
The Urban Development Corporation (UDC) will be creating a special walkway for free public access on the eastern side of the Belmont Cove property popularly known as Little Dunn’s River Falls in St. Ann.
The Corporation shared concept plans for the project in a consultation session with the vendors that formerly operated from that venue along with the Ocho Rios Ministers’ Fraternal. The meeting was held on November 8, 2013 at the Anglican Church Hall, St Ann at 2:00pm
In his presentation, Desmond Malcolm, UDC General Manager emphasized that while access will be provided to the sea (high water mark) in accordance with Beach Regulations; there will be controlled access to the falls.
The Corporation will also work through its community integration programme towards the incorporation of vendors in the phased development of the Belmont property and the wider development of Ocho Rios in an effort to ensure business continuity.
A public/private partnership is also being considered aimed at raising funds for capital improvement works at the Belmont Cove property.
The Corporation, as the agency responsible for the property, had no recourse, but to close the facility given the fact that the Belmont property is currently not licensed as a public beach; it lacks sanitary conveniences and has no insurance coverage in place. The continued activities at Belmont Cove is also negatively affecting the Dunn’s River Falls brand and creates the possibility for the UDC to be liable for accidents which occur on the property given the practice of some persons who have been illegally operating at the property and charging persons for its use.
The Corporation is committed to ensuring that the property is developed for the use of the public through the implementation of a management and maintenance plan in accordance with good order.  Other beach attraction facilities owned and managed by the UDC includes the Ocho Rios Bay Beach which is open to the public at the rate of J$200 for adults and J$100 (2 to 11 years old) for children.
The Urban Development Corporation has been working in Ocho Rios since the 1960’s and has helped to transform Ocho Rios from a sleepy fishing village into the bustling town.
The planned makeover of Ocho Rios revolves around transforming the resort town, by enriching and highlighting the rustic charm and rich cultural heritage of the area, while also offering convenient access to shops, authentic cuisine, music and entertainment along with other amenities that will leave our visitors, from home and abroad with unforgettable and treasured memories and the residents of the town with a sense of pride.
The UDC is celebrating 45 years of making development happen as government’s principal urban and rural development agency since 1968.