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Dunn’s River Falls and Park Diversifies Product Offerings

The Urban Development Corporation (UDC) continues with its programme to enhance the Dunn’s River Experience, by the recent addition of  two nature trail tours to the  world famous Falls Climb.  The tours became operational during October 2013 and provide other options for those persons who may not wish to, or who are unable to climb the falls.
The Corporation has also in consultation with the Craft Traders, redesigned the flow through the Craft Market to facilitate a smoother, more enjoyable walk through of the Park.
Dunn’s River Falls and Park, which is managed by the St Ann Development Company (SADCO), on behalf of the UDC, is a demonstration of public /private collaboration.  In addition to the Craft Traders, concessions currently operating include eateries, coffee kiosks, video and photography services.
The Corporation is committed to this operating model, as it believes that the collaboration of public and private enterprise is a win-win situation for national development provided that both partners exercise responsibility in keeping with the terms of their agreements. 
The UDC continues therefore to explore programmes, projects and activities geared towards satisfying and exceeding the expectations of visitors.  In this regard, where there are gaps in the service requirement, the Corporation will if necessary provide interim services directly until more long term arrangements can be made.
The Dunn’s River Falls and Park is one of several attractions and recreational facilities operated by the UDC in St Ann. Others include the Green Globe Platinum certified Green Grotto Caves, Ocho Rios Bay Beach and Turtle River Park.