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Increased Entrepreneurial Opportunities at Dunn’s River Falls and Park

The Urban Development Corporation (UDC) is offering increased entrepreneurial opportunities at the Dunn’s River Falls and Park in its newest development at the world-famous attraction dubbed the Central Gardens. Investors have the option to offer complementary services that fit the business profile of the attraction through operation of two open shops and also to distribute pizza from another shop.
Investors can submit proposals for the operation of concessions in the form of two separately sealed and labeled proposals in Tender Box labeled
• Request for Proposals, to operate Two (2) Shops at Central Gardens – Dunn’s River Falls and Park”
• Request for Proposals, Pizza Concessionaire Central Gardens – Dunn’s River Falls and Park”

These proposals must be submitted no later than August 30, 2016 by or before 3:00p.m. on the ground floor of the Office Center Building, 12 Ocean Boulevard. Any Proposal received by the UDC after the prescribed deadline for the submission of proposals will not be accepted.
Proponents can bid on separate shops but each bid for the kiosks measuring approximately 3000mm x 3000mm will be considered individually. The Information memorandum can be downloaded from the UDC’s website at
The UDC is requesting that businesses provide a summary of the business concept for the various operations, a monetary offer for the right to operate this business and/or a revenue sharing arrangement. Evidence of ability to finance and sustain the operations of the proposed businesses, timeline for the proposed businesses to become operational and prior experience in similar business are also required.
The contract to operate the concessions will be for a minimum of one (1) year, in the first instance.
Dunn’s River Falls and Park (DRFP) is the premier natural attraction owned by UDC offering services such as climbing the Falls, recreational activities at the beach, serene and expansive gardens and a craft market within which are two restaurants. It also offers hair braider licensees, a video and logo shop and two water shoes sales points and snack counters.

The site of the Dunn’s River is a part of the 276 acre Belmont property, which was acquired by the Government of Jamaica in 1972, to provide for future development of recreational and park facilities. The Belmont property was entrusted to the UDC for the people of Jamaica and has benefitted from a multimillion dollar upgrading programme by the Corporation over the years, the latest being the installation of an electronic ticket management system.
Dunn’s River Falls and Park currently attracts approximately 785,000 visitors annually.

For further information, please contact
The Corporate Relations Department
Urban Development Corporation
12 Ocean Boulevard, Kingston Mall
Telephone: 656-8031/374-8653

August 12, 2016