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UDC/NEPA lead successful ICCD Cleanup at Hellshire Bay Beach

Participants in International Coastal Cleanup Day (September 17, 2016) activities celebrate the day’s accomplishment of ridding the Hellshire Bay Beach of volumes of garbage. The group was among the 1,089 volunteers from community groups, schools, government and non-governmental organizations supported the project, which was organized by the Urban Development Corporation (UDC) and the National Environment & Planning Agency (NEPA). A total of 273 bags of non-recyclable garbage weighing 1812.6kg were collected at the site, while recyclable garbage amounted to 229 bags weighing 1145.1 kg. Entrusted with responsibility for the Hellshire area, the UDC developed the Hellshire Environmental Management Programme, and manages and protects the area’s wildlife and rich natural environment in accordance with its guidelines.