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Red Rose Fish Market Rehabilitation Works Advance

Work  is  advancing  on  the  Red  Rose  Fish  Market  in  downtown  Kingston  as  project manager the Urban Development Corporation (UDC) through the PetroCaribe fund implements the JMD$43 million project.

Veronis Chin, veteran fish vendor, expresses her anticipation of the new facility, ‘I will be very comfortable in the new building as this will mean increased shelter from the rain and it will also uplift the community. 

The  works  on  the  Fish  Market  at  the  intersection  of  Rose  Lane  and  Heywood  Street include the construction of a framed structure, vendor stall area and fish storage compartments along with fencing repairs which will improve the facilities from which the fish vendors operate in the area.

 Works are being carried out by NF Barnes Construction Company. The Kingston and St. Andrew Municipal Corporation is a major partner in the project as the owners and operators of the facility. 

The project is running parallel to the Jubilee Market construction also funded by a Petro Caribe grant. The upgrade of the market district is one facet of the Downtown Kingston and Port Royal Redevelopment Plan 2030 which continues to make progress, as the UDC works with partners and investors to facilitate its success. Digicel, for example, partnered with the UDC and the  Kingston  and  St.  Andrew  Municipal  Corporation  (KSAMC)  on  the  reconstruction  and upgrade of stalls in Coronation market. The UDC also increased the parking capacity around the market district with the addition of the Pechon Street Car Park. 

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June 20, 2017