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Fort Clarence Beach Park Response


The Urban Development Corporation (UDC), in its mandate to lead sustainable urban and rural development through public-private partnerships, takes a business-like approach in achieving its mission.

While the UDC is a Government agency, it operates as a self-sustaining entity and is expected to act like any prudent corporation would in developing its growth plan. A key element of that growth plan is attracting investors who share the UDC’s vision of providing world class facilities for Jamaicans.

A letter published yesterday in The Gleaner expressed concern why the UDC hasn’t invested in redeveloping the Fort Clarence Beach Park. The UDC has, in fact, invested $15 million in Phase One of the redevelopment of Fort Clarence. This phase included the construction of an Administrative Building and general upgrade to the grounds and perimeter fencing.

In a bid to realise the full potential of the Fort Clarence Beach Park, an Expression of Interest was published last month. We’ve received responses from several parties and as part of the procurement process a Request For Proposal will now be sent to the interested investors. We will be selecting a partner by the 3rd quarter of 2017.

It is important to note that Fort Clarence is one of several divestment opportunities the UDC is actively seeking partners for. Others include Cardiff Hall in St Ann, West Street Residence in Downtown, Kingston and The Festival Village in Ocho Rios.

The UDC’s long term vision for Fort Clarence is to be the premier beach park serving the Kingston Metropolitan Area, complete with first world amenities and attractions for the entire family. The UDC remains committed to this vision and will choose the most appropriate process in achieving it. 

Dr Damian Graham
General Manager
Urban Development Corporation