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The Waterfront of Downtown Kingston will on December 31, 2017 come alive with the hosting of the Urban Development Corporation’s (UDC) premiere event, ‘Fireworks on the Waterfront’. This year will be special as the UDC celebrates its 50th anniversary in March 2018. 

The event which started in 1999 has impacted the hearts and minds of countless Jamaicans and likewise non-residents/tourists who make the Ocean Boulevard venue the place of choice for welcoming the New Year.   

Heralding the UDC’s golden anniversary in 2018, Fireworks on the Waterfront 2017 is anticipated to deliver an even greater spectacle promulgating the rich cultural heritage of Kingston as well as the warmth and celebratory spirit of the people of Jamaica.  

As is customary, the event will feature four key elements which are uniquely packaged to cater to the diverse audience which frequents the event annually.  These elements include: the Kiddies’ Village which gratifies the young and young at heart through activities ranging from games and rides to storytelling and face painting; the Vending Village which houses vendors offering a melting pot of Jamaican culinary offerings and crafts; Street Party showcasing both upcoming and popular artists across multiple musical genres along with cultural performances and the traditional DJ and sound system; and the grand Fireworks Display which is the highlight of the event. The day’s activities commence at 3:00PM with the Street Party starting at 6:00 PM and the Fireworks Display at 12 midnight.  

General Manager of the UDC, Dr. Damian Graham, weighed in on the upcoming Fireworks on the Waterfront event labelling it as “family-oriented”, “wholesome” and “fun”. He further noted that there are but few events capable of cultivating the mass appeal that Fireworks on the Waterfront does. There is something for everyone, he added, as Fireworks on the Waterfront captures the diversity of the Jamaican people and moulds it together to create the premier Jamaican family event.      
Fireworks on the Waterfront was first staged by the UDC in 1999 to usher in the new millennium and was intended to be a one-off event.  However, the event has continued to ignite the interest of patrons making downtown Kingston the place to be annually on New Year's Eve.  A Jamaica 55 Endorsed Event…UDC Making Development Happen Since 1968  
For further information, please contact:   
The Corporate Relations Department Urban Development Corporation  
12 Ocean Boulevard,  
Kingston Mall  
Telephone: 656-8031 ext. 2900 
December 21, 2017