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The Urban Development Corporation (UDC) will on Sunday, December 31, 2017 host  its  flagship  event,  Fireworks  on  the  Waterfront  on  Ocean  Boulevard  in downtown Kingston. Similar to prior staging, the Corporation has partnered with stakeholders  such  as  the  Jamaica  Constabulary  Force,  Kingston  and  St  Andrew Municipal  Corporation  and  the  National  Works  Agency  to  implement  the necessary traffic changes and road closures to facilitate the seamless execution of the  event.  Road  closures  and  traffic  changes  will  take  effect  as  early  as  Friday, December  29  at 10:00 p.m.  and  will  return to normalcy  on  Monday,  January  1, 2018 at 6:00 a.m. 

On  Friday,  December  29  from  10:00  p.m.,  the  intersection  of  Duke  Street  and south  of  Nethersole  Place  will  be  blocked  as  well  as  the  intersection  of  Church Street and Ocean Boulevard. Then  on  Saturday,  December  30  commencing  at  6:00  p.m.,  the  intersection  of Princess Street and Ocean Boulevard through to the intersection of Orange Street and Ocean Boulevard will be blocked to vehicular traffic to facilitate the erection of tents.  
Further traffic changes will be effected on Sunday, December 31 from 6:00 a.m. as access will be restricted on Ocean Boulevard/West Street at the intersections with Port Royal Street, Ocean Boulevard going westward before the intersection with Princess Street, Princess Street at the intersection of Port Royal Street and Ocean Boulevard, Orange Street below entrance to the Multi-storey Car Park and King Street below the entrance to KFC and entrance to South Street.  
For  the  thousands  of  fans  who  will  be  coming  to  enjoy  the  Fireworks  Family experience starting with the ‘kiddies’ village at 3:00pm, vehicles will have to abide by  temporary  rerouting  measures.  Traffic  entering  Pechon  Street  to  Ocean Boulevard  onto  to  Harbour  Street  will  be  redirected  as  well  as  traffic  entering Ocean Boulevard from Pechon Street on to West Street. 

A two way pattern of flow for traffic will be created on Church Street before the entrance to the Seabed Ground Floor Car Park as well as on West and  Princess Streets below or south of Port Royal Street, Orange Street from Port Royal Street intersection to Multi-storey Car Park and from the intersection of Port Royal Street and Hanover Street, heading in a southern direction. 

Fireworks on the Waterfront was first staged by the UDC in 1999 to usher in the new millennium and was intended to be a one-off event.  However, the event has continued to ignite the interest of patrons making downtown Kingston the place to be annually on New Year's Eve. 
For further information, please contact  
The Corporate Relations and Marketing Department 
Urban Development Corporation 
12 Ocean Boulevard Kingston, Jamaica 
Tel: (876) 656-8031 
December 28, 2017