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On Sunday, December 31, 2017 the Urban Development Corporation (UDC) announced aesthetic improvement plans for the Breezy Castle Corridor, as a part of its master plan for the redevelopment of Downtown Kingston.  

The  reveal  was  made  during  the  Kingston  and  St  Andrew  Municipal  Corporation (KSAMC) flag raising ceremony held at the Breezy Castle roundabout and comes on the verge of the UDC’s 50 th Anniversary, emphasizing the renewed effort of the Corporation in making development happen for the people of Jamaica.   

According to Dr Damian Graham, General Manager of the UDC, “the raising of both the National  Flag  of  Jamaica  and  the  Flag  of  Kingston  is  a  symbolic  continuation  to  the redevelopment activities planned for the area, linking it to the promenade along the waterfront and the Festival Market to the west.” The UDC will outline more details on the plans during the course of its celebratory year.  

During  his  address,  Dr  Graham  made  mention  of  other  major  areas  of  focus  for  the Corporation as guided by its current master plan, which includes: a Multi-Modal Transport Hub, ICT/BPO  Centre,  Waterfront  Entertainment  and  Hotels,  Marina  and  Cruise  Ship  Pier,  Multi Storey Parking Garage, Office Complex and Apartment Complex which will all fall within a 17 Zone Development area.  

The UDC which has pioneered the redevelopment of Downtown Kingston since 1968 is also  involved  in  the  Government  Oval  and  Downtown  Kingston  Project  geared  towards establishing a Parliamentary Square, the upgrading of the National Heroes Park and The Ward Theatre and the Tax Incentive Programme for Urban Renewal among others.    

The  Corporation  is  also  carrying  out  overall  project  management  duties  on  the construction of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade Building along the Waterfront. UDC….Making Development Happen since 1968 
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