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Despite  the  hampering  of  implementation  works  on  Main  Street  in  Ocho Rios, St. Ann due to ongoing rainfall, the multi-government stakeholder agencies behind  the  project  are  pushing  ahead  to  ensure  that  the  town  benefits  from  the works in 2018.  

The  contractor  will  put  in  place  alternative  methodology  to  continue  the work under the supervision of the National Works Agency. Meanwhile motorists and pedestrians are being encouraged to obey the instructions of the flagmen on the ground as all efforts will be made to minimize any traffic disruptions. The  road  which  serves  as  the  major  thoroughfare  for  pedestrians  and motorists  through  the  resort  town  saw  preliminary  works  being  initiated  in November 2017 as part of the Ocho Rios Main Street Improvement Project which forms a part of the overall multi-billion dollar redevelopment programme for the 
town of Ocho Rios being led by the Urban Development Corporation (UDC).  

The eight (8) month project which is valued at about JMD$161 million has seen  several  government  agencies  collaborating  in  this  phase  extending  for  400 metres from  the  Island  Village  Complex  to the  Ocean  Village  Shopping  Centre. The works will include upgrading and repaving of the road, upgrading of drainage and water mains, landscaping works and widening of sidewalks. The UDC has design and general project management responsibility for the Main Street works with the National Works Agency carrying out  the role of the contract  administrator  and  the  National  Water  Commission  monitoring  / supervising  the  pipeline  replacement  works.  The  Ocho  Rios  Main  Street Improvement  Project  is  funded  by  the  Tourism  Enhancement  Fund  with  Chin’s Construction Ltd as contractors. 

Additional landscaping works will also be conducted along the roadway to remove some trees and replace with more sustainable varieties.  Customer  queries  and  feedback  can  be  directed  to  the  National  Works 
Agency’s Communication Department at 926-3210-9.   

For further information, please contact  
The Corporate Relations and Marketing Department 
Urban Development Corporation 
12 Ocean Boulevard 
Kingston, Jamaica 
Tel: (876) 922-8310-4 
February 13, 2018