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The Urban Development Corporation (UDC) and the University of Technology Jamaica (UTECH),  on  Monday,  February  12,  2018  formalized  their  longstanding  partnership arrangement with the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) at the University’s Campus in Papine, St. Andrew. 

The  signing  of  the  MOU  by  General  Manager  of  the  UDC  Dr  Damian  Graham  and President of UTECH Professor Stephen Vasciannie, formalizes the ongoing collaboration of both entities  in  the  areas  of  internship,  architecture,  urban  design,  physical  development  and  other technical  services.  The signing of the MOU  also means that  both  the UDC and  UTECH will establish  a  joint  collaboration  committee  responsible  for  the  formulation  and  preparation  of feasibility studies for specific activities, projects and opportunities.   

According to Dr Graham, the UDC is pleased to be afforded an opportunity to concretise this arrangement which has been longstanding. He noted that with the signing of this MOU, the Corporation  is  able  to  deepen  the  benefits  of  the  partnership  as  well  as  perpetuate  its  legacy through education, training, research and partnership in a mutually beneficial way. Professor  Vasciannie  who  expounded  on  the  relationship  of  the  University  and  the Corporation, noted that the engagement of the UDC over the years has been beneficial to both students  and  staff  of  the  Built  Environment  Faculty  who  have  been  given  the  opportunity  to participate  in  aspects  of  projects  being  conducted  by  the  UDC,  benefitted  from  internship programmes as well as gained employment.  

He further noted that UDC technical employees have also provided their expertise as part time lecturers at the University. 
The UDC’s relationship with UTECH formerly College of Arts Science and Technology (CAST) began as early as the 1970’s where graduates particularly of the built environment have benefitted  from  internships  programmes  offered  by  the  Corporation  as  well  as  employment opportunities following programme completion. The UDC and UTECH through the Caribbean School of Architecture have also collaborated on research projects in the past. The UDC has also provided  staff  to  enrich  the  academic  experience  for  the  University’s  Faculty  of  the  Built Environment through sharing of industry knowledge and experience.   
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