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The Urban Development Corporation’s (UDC) designated area of Hellshire Hills located in  St.  Catherine,  following  its  selection  by  the  National  Ramsar  Committee,  the  local representative for the international intergovernmental body of the Convention on Wetlands, the Ramsar Committee/Convention; hosted the national celebration for this year’s World Wetlands Day 2018, on Friday February 2, 2018.  

The national event hosted in partnership with The National Environment and Planning Agency  (NEPA),  was  held  under  the  theme  “Wetlands  for  a  Sustainable  Urban  Future”  and attracted  teachers,  community  members  and  over  100  students  from  schools  such  as  Braeton Primary, Naggo Head Primary, Jones Town Primary, McCauley Primary and Bustamante High School,  who  participated  in  a  host  of  wetland  themed  exercises  intended  to  increase  their knowledge of the benefits of wetlands and other marine life. 

The activities which got on the way at approximately 10:00 am included a physical tour of a section of the Hellshire Wetlands, exhibits and displays from agencies such as the  UDC, NEPA,  Forestry  Department,  Natural  History  Museum  of  Jamaica  and  the  Caribbean  Coastal Area Management (CCAM), as well as Wetland and Environmental Talks and games. According to Dr Damian Graham, General Manager of the UDC, “the Corporation was indeed honoured to partake in an event of this nature; not only was it aligned with our mandate which ensures the conservation of Jamaica’s natural resources, inclusive of wetlands, but it also 
afforded  a  unique  opportunity  to  cultivate  the  right  attitude  towards  our  wetlands  and  natural resources in the minds of the future generation.” 
Danaë Vaccianna, Environmental Coordinator of the Natural Resources Management and Environmental Planning Department of the Corporation noted that the positive impact the event has  had  on  the  students,  teachers  and  community  members  in  attendance  is  what  keeps  the Corporation along with other members of the Ramsar Committee fervent in their participation in the celebrations on a yearly basis. She expressed that all that has been accomplished would not have been possible without  the support and sponsorship  provided by  NEPA,  Wisynco  Group, Tastee Jamaica Limited and all Ramsar members including Institute of Jamaica (IOJ), Caribbean Coastal  Area  Management  (CCAM),  Water  Resources  Authority  (WRA),  the  Negril Environmental Protection Trust (NEPT) and the Forestry Department. 

The World Wetlands Day celebration held at the UDC’s Hellshire Office is one of several activities organised by the Ramsar Committee geared towards the celebration of the global event.  

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