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Dunn’s  River  Falls  and  Park  (DRFP),  was  on  March  27,  2018  named  one  of  six Caribbean nominees in the ‘Caribbean’s Leading Adventure Tourist Attraction’ Category of the prestigious Word Travel Awards. The St. Ann Development Company (SADCO) – a subsidiary of the Urban Development Corporation (UDC) -managed attraction, was voted most popular and exciting attraction by cruise officials during 2004 and Leading Caribbean Tourist Excursion by the  World  Travel  Awards  in  November  2009  and  2010  and  will  once  again  compete  for  the coveted prize.  

Jomo Pitterson, Manager of DRFP remarked that 2017 has been an outstanding year for the attraction and 2018 seems to be following this trend; he noted that though this is not the first time  DFRP  is  being  nominated  for  the  award  he  believes  that  this  year  will  be  different considering  the  major  upgrades  done  to  the  attraction  including  the  addition  of  the  Central Garden and the recently launched online ticketing system. Mr. Pitterson further explained that the  improvements  made  to  the  attraction  have  been  met  with  great  enthusiasm  and  has contributed tremendously to the customer experience.

According to the globally recognized World Travel Award, the accolade promotes and develops  the  global  travel  and  tourism  industry  by  identifying  and  rewarding  excellence. Nominees are selected across three tiers: country, regional and world awards and are shortlisted based on the criteria of either; a previous year’s regional award winner or one of two runners-up, a  vetted  and  approved  self-nomination  or  a  vetted  and  approved  World  Travel  Award commendation.  

Winners  are  selected  via  an  open  voting  system  where  selection  is  done  by  qualified executives  working  within  the  travel  and  tourism  industry  as  well  as  by  the  general  public; voting spans a five month period and closes on August 12, 2018. The public is encouraged to visit the World Travel Awards voting portal at in order to cast their vote.   
The  UDC’s  relationship  with  Dunn’s  River  Falls  and  Park  began  in  1972,  when  the Corporation acquired the Belmont Property. Since 1998, the UDC has been engaged in major upgrading of the property with a view to ensuring parity with other world class attractions and enriching the Dunn’s River experience. 
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