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Investment 101 With The UDC


Are you interested in making development happen for Jamaica? One way of doing this, is by partnering with the UDC as an investor. Here is how:

For Advertised Investment Properties

  1. UDC will advertise the property with a Request for Proposal (RFP) in the print media and on its website.
  2. Proposals are reviewed in the context of a development plan and best use of real estate and price.
  3. Approval is then sought from the parent ministry for the UDC to divest.
  4. Negotiations will then begin with the winning proposals.
  5. Final agreement is then inked, between the UDC and investor, with the relevant terms and conditions.
  6. Project is then advanced.

For properties not advertised i.e. Unsolicited applications

  1. Register your interest in writing (letter or email) addressed to our General Manager.
  2. Applications are assessed, to determine if property can be made available
  3. The UDC, bound by the Government of Jamaica’s (GOJ’s) Divestment Policy, will then advertise the property, in the print media and on its website.
  4. Proposals received, are then assessed, in keeping with the development plan to maximise the best and highest potential use of the property and the price.
  5. The sale process is then advanced, upon approval from the parent ministry and relevant authorities.

For further investment queries, visit the UDC’s website at or contact us at