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Port Royal 2020 Update – Honouring the Past, Visioning the Future

Kingston, Jamaica. January 17, 2019.

Port Royal 2020 is a Joint Government Initiative which aims to see a technologically smart, safe and secure Port Royal with a vibrant local economy, preserved cultural heritage and protected natural environment for the sustainable use by its citizens and visitors for generations to come. The Urban Development Corporation (UDC) is leading the coordination and planning efforts of Government Ministries, departments and agencies in Port Royal 2020 on behalf of the Ministry of Economic, Growth and Job Creation.

A new port, the catalyst and signature feature of Port Royal 2020, is being developed by the Port Authority of Jamaica (PAJ) and is nearing completion. The port is located at the Olde Coal Wharf adjoining the Morgan’s Harbour Hotel; a short walking distance or a brief ride to the main historical district of the town. The Discovery 2 of Marella Cruise Lines is scheduled to call on January 20, 2020, and passengers will experience historical walking tours of the town including the renovated Fort Charles as well as have the opportunity to visit other parts of the capital city.

In the same vein, partner agencies are in the process of finalising their own work plans as it relates to road rehabilitation, a long-term water and wastewater management systems, housing solutions, regular waste collection, traffic management, facilitation and training for economic opportunities, community safety and security among other deliverables towards a re-imagined Port Royal.

Some of the key activities completed or underway include:
• New Port: Construction of the new port with SeaWalk and facilities by the PAJ
• Public Engagement: Ongoing consultations and public meetings with the community led by the Social Development Commission and facilitated by the UDC
• Historical Site Renovations: Fort Charles and Giddy House are being renovated by PAJ and Jamaica National Heritage Trust (JNHT)
• New Fisherman’s Jetty: Construction of a new jetty for fishermen by the PAJ
• Skills Training: Residents received skills training in Product and Business Development, hosted in collaboration with Jamaica Business Development Corporation in areas such as craft and jewellery making
• Tour Guide Training: Tourism Product Development Company trained residents in conducting historical walking tours
• Road Works: The National Works Agency and Kingston St Andrew Municipal Corporation are completing road repaving, sidewalk and drainage rehabilitation.
• Waste Removal: Major removal of bulky waste and general community clean up by the National Solid Waste Management Authority
• Entertainment Zone: Preparation works have begun at Fort Rocky to transform it into an entertainment venue by the JNHT, the Ministry of Culture, Entertainment, Gender and Sport and UDC
• SMART Technology: Planning for the implementation of an ICT network to support internet coverage and smart town management technologies by eGov Jamaica and the Universal Service Fund
• Stray Animal Rescue: Programme for the management of stray animals with the Jamaica Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals and the Montego Bay Animal Haven
• Environmental Sustainability: On-going environmental stewardship programmes including mangrove planting led by the UDC and National Environment and Planning Agency as well as the UWI Marine Laboratory in Port Royal
• Disaster Management: Long term disaster mitigation and emergency management plans being developed with the Office of Disaster Preparedness and Emergency Management
• Safety and Security: Long-term safety and security planning with the Security Forces
• Tourism Development: Long term tourism product development with the Ministry of Tourism and its agencies
• Heritage Sites Management: Long term heritage management plans developed by the Ministry of Culture, Entertainment, Gender and Sport

For information on Port Royal 2020 and to give feedback, visit The public is also invited to track its progress by following #PortRoyal2020 on social media.

Port Royal 2020 Partner Agencies
Port Royal 2020 is a Joint Government Initiative and consists of the following partner agencies: Ministry of Economic Growth and Job Creation, Ministry of Tourism, Ministry of Culture, Gender, Entertainment and Sport, Kingston St. Andrew Municipal Corporation, Port Authority of Jamaica, JAMPRO Trade and Investment Jamaica, National Water Commission, National Works Agency, Jamaica National Heritage Trust, Jamaica Social Investment Fund, Jamaica Business Development Corporation, National Solid Waste Management Authority, Jamaica Constabulary Force, Jamaica Defence Force, National Land Agency, National Environmental Planning Agency, Tourism Product Development Company, Office of Disaster Preparedness and Emergency Management, Jamaica Vacations, Universal Service Fund, Jamaica Fire Brigade, National Housing Agency of Jamaica, Social Development Commission and the coordinating agency, Urban Development Corporation.

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