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Celebrating Patrick Stanigar BA, O.D., B, Arch 1944-2024

Bobby Honeyghan, General Manager,

As the Urban Development Corporation reflects on the loss of a modern architectural hero, Patrick Stanigar, we acknowledge with gratitude his contribution to the created landscape and equally, his impact on colleagues:

Maxine Fisher-Casserly, Chief Architect, UDC

Patrick was – very thorough, thoughtful, a mentor, a social architect that cared about the people at the heart of the development and very hands on and involved in his work.

George Harty – Consultant Technical Advisor/Former Chief Engineer, UDC

Stanigar was the consummate professional, irreplaceable with an exceptional knowledge base in architecture that commanded global respect. He really was excellent in project management and will be a great loss.

Richard Picart, Director: Strategic project Development, UDC

Patrick was there for me at every step of the way in my life, having been a formative influence as my Dean at Utech and then boss/co-worker at the UDC. He was a true mentor and great listener. Every problem that I brought to him, he approached it using his design ethos and logic. His pragmatism was impeccable.

Patrick’s accomplishments include the Jamaica Conference Centre, (design and construction), redesign and redevelopment of the St. William Grant Park, the Greater Portmore Shopping Centre and residential development,

17 schools created under the North Western Schools Programme, in the parishes of Trelawny, St. James, Hanover and Westmoreland.

Long live his memory, long live his architectural legacies and long live the generations of people who inhabit and exist in these spaces.