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© 2020, Urban Development Corporation

Mission, Vision, Values

Our Vision

UDC will contribute significantly to making Jamaica a developed country with modern cities, where residents and visitors have easy access to resilient infrastructure, adequate green spaces, public beaches and sustainable eco attractions.

Our Mission

Making Development Happen.

Our Strategy

Our strategy is to add value to national growth and generate sustained income by developing land holdings and attractions so as to implement, facilitate and coordinate major projects identified in our plans.

Corporate Objectives

The UDC has four (4) corporate objectives, as follows:

1. Strategic utilization of UDC’s asset base resulting in:

  • increased lease and license of underutilized properties
  • two (2) development projects put to tender annually with a focus on housing & commercial initiatives
  • completed development of new tourism products at 4 attractions/beaches by end of FY 2023/24.

2. Documenting all processes within the UDC with the focus for FY 2023/24 being asset management, lease management and marketing integration.

3. Encouraging a culture of staff collaboration & empowerment through:

  • launch of a Training Programme by FY 2023/24 to improve training opportunities
  • completion of realignment and standardization of technology & tools used by staff by FY 2023/24
  • recruitment to fill strategic positions by FY 2023/24

4. Increasing operating revenues annually targeting at least:

  • Operating revenues of $3.4B for FY 2023/24, an increase of 22% over projected FY 2022/23
  • 6.0% growth each year for FY 2024/25 to 2026/27